Storage Unit Options
Hallway Unheated

Ground level, unheated units inside building. Easy-to-use flat deck carts for loading and unloading. Units have individual door alarms and heat detectors     Sizes Available..

Exterior Unheated

Unheated units with "drive-up" access to minimize the time and hassle of loading and unloading. Ground level, Solid brick construction with interior walls finished in either gyproc or fiberboard. Units have individual door alarms and heat detectors. Sizes Available..

Climate Controlled

This type of unit is heated & cooled. It maintains a temperature between 68 F (20 C) and 72 F (22 C). It also monitors and adjusts the humidity. This is the ideal storage for temperature sensitive items such as artwork, musical instruments or antiques. It is not suitable for storing wine. Units have individual door alarms and heat detectors.. Sizes  Available..

Vehicle Compound

Fully fenced, alarmed compound  monitored by cameras and sensors . Spaces are rented according to the length. We have up to 20 feet, 21-30 feet and 31-40 feet. 

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